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About The Bitszcoin

Bitszcoin promotes Digital learning and online certifications.This opens up a gamut of options for students looking to enter both traditional and non-traditional fields.

Bitszcoin promotes Digital learning and online certifications, opening up a gamut of options for students looking to enter both traditional and non-traditional fields.

Essentially, All major details about our Token are mentioned in the whitepaper

Token Allocation

Token sales starts in June 2020 and ends in September 2020. Here are the details about Token allocation and sales.

Token Sale Proceeds
  • Private/Pre Sale
  • Public ICO
  • Team & Advisor
  • Marketing & General
  • Bounty
Token Distribution
  • interconnection Dev.
  • Marketing & General
  • Mobile Ad Platform
  • Ad Platform Integration
  • Operational Overhead

Road Map

Our Bitszcoin team has been working very hard from last 2 years promoting the online education system,Based out of the UK, We announced Bitszcoin in 2018 on the price of $0.013 but now it has risen to 0.066$

April 2018
Initial Idea development& marketing

At the time of idea development in the market many other organizations were working on the online education, we had to step up our game in the market.

September 2018
Planning Implementation

For the Implementation, we choose the Ethereum platform is better create our blockchain

December 2018
Creation of community

After our idea and implementation phase, we brought in members into community. The price of the token was fixed at that time as 0.013$.

April 2019
First Product launch

After a big crash of Crypto in 2019, we implemented our first platform. The price raise to 0.040$.

January 2020
Planning For ICO

After receiving a good reponse to the first product, we planned to launch our Blockchain in this new system. That led us to planing for conducting an ICO.

June 2020
ICO Starts

After this World carona pandemic, we have all seen that importance of online education.we outlined the ICO at the price of 0.066$.

September 2020
Listing in Exchanges

After the ICO, we list on 5exchange at minimum and based on our community strength, the price of our token will hit the mark of $6.61

November 2020

Once a coin is listed in Coin market cap it indicate the project is a success. But we shall not till our target price of $50 per token is reached

January 2021
Mobile App and product launch

Currently there are no proper wallet apps in the market. with this in mind we target to launch the perfect mobile wallet app, with features such as education videos to enable online education, games and also trading options. Once the app is launched, we predict to reach a token price of above $500 as per our market research.

March 2022
Own Blockchain Launch

In this period we will launch our blockchain platform, then by using this platform lot of transaction will happen because of this market flow we have a target to reach 2000$ to 3000$

August 2023
Own Online Education platform Launch

Knowing the online market value, when we launch the platform in the market with our blockchain, we will hit the market at $5000 – That is our success point for our project, Until then our team will contunue to work very hard, round the clock.



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Whitepaper documentation

In this, we explained how important this E-learning platform, what are the present organization working on this. what is the exact solution to this problem we explained in this

what is the strategy to implement this e-learning product we explained in the whitepaper.


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